Warm Up Your Autumn Style With The Camel Slub Selvedge

Warm Up Your Autumn Style With The Camel Slub Selvedge

The autumn season beckons, and it's that perfect time of the year when you can start experimenting with your wardrobe. It's the moment to shift from the vibrant summer tones to something a little more subtle. Let us introduce you to your newest wardrobe staple: The Camel Slub Selvedge. A fantastic way to gently incorporate colors into your raw denim collection.

This unique piece is a 13oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, masterfully woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan. But, what truly sets it apart is its warm beige tone. Beige - a color that whispers instead of shouting, making it the perfect canvas for you to play around with other elements in your attire.

Made using irregular sized slub yarns, the denim features a characteristic three-dimensional texture, filled with a charming array of bumps and knots. This denim is rigid and a bit tough to tame, but don't let that deter you. Like any good pair of jeans, it only gets better with time, becoming a second skin, tailored by the adventures of your daily life.

Accentuated with tonal stitching, antique copper hardware, a button fly, and a raging kong brown leather patch, this denim holds an elegant charm. Its detail-rich design seamlessly integrates sophistication with a touch of rusticity, making it a statement piece that's bound to turn heads.

What makes these jeans even more versatile is how well they blend with dark tones. Imagine pairing this beautiful beige denim with a dark indigo jacket. The contrasting color scheme will not only add depth to your overall outfit but will also bring out the beauty of both pieces. Conversely, sporting the Camel Slub Selvedge Denim Jacket with raw jeans can equally be a sight for the eyes. This gives you countless options to mix and match, making the Camel Slub Selvedge the ultimate style enhancer.

These jeans are not just an article of clothing but a tribute to true craftsmanship. Meticulously cut, sewn, and assembled in Canada's last standing denim factory, every stage of their creation has been treated with unwavering attention to detail. This dedication ensures that the final product embodies both exceptional quality and distinctive style, a testament to the enduring legacy of Canadian denim production.

Available Friday September 25th at 11AM EST.


Camel Slub Selvedge - Folded Flat