The Thickest Jeans Ever: A Sneak Peek At Our 40oz Denim

The Thickest Jeans Ever: A Sneak Peek At Our 40oz Denim

Naked & Famous changed the entire denim industry when we released our groundbreaking, knee chattering, Super Heavyweight 32oz denim. The heaviest denim ever produced, it was a flashpoint in the selvedge subculture and quickly became the stuff of legend.

But we needed more.

We needed the superlative, to break the seemingly impossible threshold of 40 ounces — and we succeeded.

For an exclusive look at the 40-ounce jean, including a look at the fades and the tale of its manufacturing, take a look at the video we made in Montreal with Nick at Stridewise

How does it compare to the 32-ounce Super Heavyweights? Our store manager Garrett, who has spent months in both, had this to say:

“Oh it’s huge. The 32-ounce, I’d say, if you break them in normally, it’s like 1 week to 2 weeks and they’re pretty comfortable. They’re just like a thick pair of sweatpants, basically. The 40 oz, I would say, they’re still not fully broken in. It’s a completely different piece of fabric.”

Where can you buy them? Well, you can't — not yet.

“We don’t know when; it’s impossible,” says Naked & Famous CEO Brandon Svarc. “People ask us ‘when are these coming,’ and we don’t know the answer ourselves. We are, like ‘you literally need magic.'”

Nonetheless, we’re closer than ever to bringing these genre-defining jeans to the public. Follow us on Instagram, and you’ll be the first to know.