The Pagoda Dyed Selvedge And The Charm Of Natural Dyes

The Pagoda Dyed Selvedge And The Charm Of Natural Dyes

In the world of raw denim, the subtle interplay between hues can be a thing of beauty. As our vision at Naked & Famous Denim continues to evolve, we find ourselves drawn more and more to the beauty of natural dyes and their ability to blend seamlessly with traditional denim colors. Our latest creation, the Pagoda Dyed Selvedge, is a testament to this growing fascination.

The Pagoda Dyed Selvedge is a heavyweight 15oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, woven meticulously on vintage shuttle looms in Japan. The traditional weaving process lends the denim an authentic, rigid, and slubby texture, characteristic of artisanal selvedge denim. This unique texture holds immense potential for developing fascinating fading patterns over time, creating a personal testament to your denim journey.

What sets the Pagoda Dyed Selvedge apart, however, is its unique color. The denim's interior weft is dyed using a traditional Japanese Pagoda dye - a natural dye derived from the flower buds of the Pagoda tree. This dye imbues the denim with a warm golden hue, creating a visually appealing contrast against the classic indigo of the warp. The interplay of the cool indigo and the warm golden undertones results in a harmonious blend that is pleasing to the eye.. As the indigo fades over time, the golden undertones of the weft will gradually come to the forefront, lending the denim a unique patina that only gets better with age.

Additional details further enhance the artisanal appeal of the Pagoda Dyed Selvedge. The jeans feature a button fly, a vegan friendly paper based patch, and silver metallic hardware - a combination that marries tradition and modernity with effortless ease. As with all our creations, each pair of Pagoda Dyed Selvedge jeans is cut, sewn, and assembled with meticulous attention to detail in our factory, the last remaining jeans factory in Canada.

At Naked & Famous Denim, we are passionate about bringing together the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary. The Pagoda Dyed Selvedge embodies this vision, highlighting the beautiful union between indigo and natural dyes while offering an innovative spin on the classic denim aesthetic. It's more than a pair of jeans - it's a celebration of craftsmanship, heritage, and the endless possibilities of color and texture in fashion.

Available Friday December 15th at 11AM ET

Update: Please note that the photographs currently displayed feature a pink line selvedge ID, which was part of our initial production sample. However, the final product that will be shipped has been updated to a yellow line selvedge ID.