The Made in Japan 6 - Emperor Of Slub Grand Blue

The Made in Japan 6 - Emperor Of Slub Grand Blue

Emperor of Slub - Folded flatThe King of Slub Yarn has expanded its empire into the Made in Japan Collection with The Emperor of Slub. We spent two years developing the King of Slub Yarn because we wanted to make the slubbiest denim the world has ever seen, much bigger than what standard slub yarns could acheive.

Emperor of Slub - Fly

These thick irregular yarns are rope-dyed to deep shade of indigo, because the yarns are so much thicker in some places than in others, the indigo absorption varies over the length of the yarn. When worn over time the thicker and thinner portions fade at different rates, creating an a wide spectrum of indigo hues.  

Emperor of Slub - Cuff

The Emperor of Slub is a heavyweight 23oz Japanese Selvedge denim slow-woven on vintage shuttle looms at extremely low tension to enhance slubbiness. The rope-dyed indigo King of Slub yarn is woven into a sapphire blue weft for the color we call Grand Blue. As the indigo face chips away to white, the sapphire undertones will stay brilliant blue for crazy contrasts. No mechanical processes have been used to finish the Emperor of Slub. The fabric is Unsanforized, unsinged, has not been anti-skewed. A Tenpi wash preshrinks the fabric but preserves its natural beauty.  

Emperor of Slub - Buttons

We stamped the MIJ signature “Flower of Carnage” logo into the Japanese sheepskin leather patch. The buttons are new, iron capped black military spec non reflective buttons that will rust and show age with the indigo denim. Copper rivets – including hidden back pocket rivets – reinforce high-tension areas. The hems are chainstitched using a vintage Union Special 43200G, that over time will cause the fabric to twist for a roping fade.  

Emperor of Slub - Leather Patch

 Dyed, woven, cut, sewn, built in Japan.