The Hidden Artistry Of The Kimono Print Selvedge Denim

The Hidden Artistry Of The Kimono Print Selvedge Denim

At Naked & Famous Denim, we understand the delight of finding a subtle yet striking surprise in the details. It’s like having a secret, shared only between the wearer and the garment, a detail that adds depth to the story of one's style. With our new Kimono Print Selvedge Denim, we continue this tradition, bringing you an everyday staple with an inside story.

Crafted from 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, the Kimono Print Selvedge pairs the rugged appeal of traditional denim with a dash of cultural sophistication. The exterior, woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan, features an indigo rope-dyed warp, which promises a deep color that will beautifully evolve with wear. This traditional indigo exterior offers the timeless denim appearance known and loved worldwide.

However, the real magic lies within. The interior of the denim boasts a traditional Japanese kimono pattern printed on the weft, infusing a sense of heritage and cultural flair to the fabric. This delightful detail is a subtle, intimate secret that you can choose to keep to yourself or showcase by flipping up the cuff of your jeans, adding an unexpected twist to your ensemble.

The incorporation of Kimono prints into our collections is a tradition we relish revisiting time and again. Each revisit breathes new life into our denim. This time, we've raised the bar, blending multiple traditional Japanese Kimono patterns into one vibrant print, creating a beautiful harmony of rich cultural heritage. This fusion of patterns adds a special, understated flair to our classic indigo denim - an additional element that's intriguing without being too flashy. It's our favorite way to add a little extra to to traditional denim while keeping the timeless aesthetic intact.

 Upholding our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, each pair of Kimono Print Selvedge jeans is designed with great attention to detail. From the contrasting stitching to the eye-catching silver metallic hardware, and from the eco-conscious apple leather patch to the hidden selvedge coin pocket, every element has been thoughtfully curated. A classic redline selvedge ID further enhances the authenticity of the denim. But it's the crafting process that truly tells the story. All of these elements come to life in our own factory—the last remaining jeans factory in Canada— It stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving time-honored traditions within the modern apparel industry.

 Our Kimono Print Selvedge jeans are a perfect fusion of age-old aesthetics and contemporary style - a denim experience that invites you to relish in the beauty of details and the charm of hidden narratives.

Available Friday October 13th at 11AM ET.