The Gradient Denim: An Innovation In Bold Color Play

The Gradient Denim: An Innovation In Bold Color Play

At Naked & Famous Denim, we pride ourselves on our fearless approach to innovation and the creation of truly unique fabrics. From the inception of our brand, we've passionately pursued the creation of denim that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. Our latest offering, the Gradient Denim, harkens back to our long-standing tradition of presenting the world with specialty denim options.

 The Gradient Denim is a lightweight and comfortable10oz Japanese Denim, and it stands out with a striking gradient tone.  The jeans slowly change color from the waistband to the hem, from classic indigo to a subtle dark green. . This graceful color shift gives the jeans a unique personality, making them a true statement piece.

The magic of this gradient, however, is not in dyeing or bleaching the fabric. Instead, it’s done though ingenuity of the weaving process. The Gradient denim is woven using a jacquard loom, these looms are typically employed to weave patterns into the fabric, and for this denim instead of a traditional pattern the loom gradually flips the warp and weft yarns.  You’ll notice where the front face of the fabric is indigo you’ll have a green weft, and vice verca. This innovative approach results in a fabric that is not only unique but also full of depth and character.

By combining indigo rope dyed warp yarns and deep green weft, we've created jeans that will fade like no other. As these jeans are worn and washed over time, they continue to evolve, revealing more gradient color changes. This transformation adds an exciting dimension to the denim, making each pair a living, changing canvas that tells the story of its wearer.

Other details you’ll find include tonal stitching, black metallic hardware, a dark brown leather patch, and a button fly. In the world of denim, where indigo reigns supreme, the Gradient Denim is a refreshing deviation from the norm.

Available Friday January 12th at 11AM ET.