Sea Island Cotton Selvedge: Where Luxury And Durability Intersect

Sea Island Cotton Selvedge: Where Luxury And Durability Intersect

At Naked & Famous Denim, we continuously strive to redefine the perception of denim, effortlessly merging unexpected qualities into our creations. Our Sea Island Cotton Selvedge, a 14oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, is a perfect embodiment of this ethos.

The Sea Island Cotton Selvedge is a 14oz Japanese Selvedge denim made from the finest American Sea Island Cotton, an ultra premium ELS (Extra Long Staple) cotton.  Originally from the Caribbean, Sea Island Cotton was exported and grown all around the world.  American Sea Island Cotton is grown on the border of Texas and New Mexico. Cultivated at an elevation of 1,100 meters above sea level, this cotton benefits from a distinctive desert climate. The area receives an impressive 3,700 hours of sunlight each year, which is even more than what the Caribbean gets.

Additionally, the cool nights allow the rapidly-growing cotton plants to rest. The combination of soil and climate in this location is ideal for producing high-quality cotton. It is in this unique setting that we can achieve both a stable, long fiber length and a fiber strength that exceeds that of the original cotton from the Caribbean.  

The brilliance of this denim lies in its dual characteristics. On one hand, it's rugged and durable, like any top-quality denim should be. On the other hand, the Sea Island Cotton imparts a smooth, silky texture to the denim, giving it an unprecedented level of comfort. It's a contrast that adds a layer of complexity to the denim, making it a unique pleasure to wear all day.

Every pair of American Sea Island Cotton Selvedge jeans captures our commitment to fine craftsmanship. They feature a hidden selvedge coin pocket, a copper brown leather patch, and silver metallic hardware, and a vintage style pink line selvedge id.

Each pair is meticulously cut, sewn, and assembled in our factory—the last standing jeans factory in Canada—owned and operated by us at Naked & Famous Denim. This level of involvement allows us to maintain a strict quality control process, ensuring that every pair of jeans that leaves our factory meets our high standards.

The American Sea Island Cotton Selvedge is not just a pair of jeans—it brings together luxury and durability. With it’s unique blend of silky comfort and robust strength, these jeans introduce a new level of sophistication to your denim collection while maintaining the functionality and longevity that denim is renowned for.

 Available Friday September 1st at 11AM EST.