One Film That Inspired The Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan Logo

In 2015 Naked & Famous Denim launched the Made in Japan series and with it a new logo. This logo dubbed “Flower of Carnage” is a Japanese Manga-esque rendition of the original Naked & Famous Denim “Tragic Blond” pop art logo.
 Naked & Famous Denim "Flower Of Carnage" Logo  
Naked & Famous Denim Flower Of Carnage Logo
Naked & Famous Denim "Tragic Blond" Logo
Naked & Famous Denim Tragic Blond Logo
“For the MIJ logo we took inspiration from powerful female protagonists so often found in the world of Manga and Japanese film” - Bahzad Trinos, Product Developer, Naked & Famous Denim.
The Original Lady Snowblood Poster
Lady Snowblood Poster
Watch the Lady Snowblood Film Trailer (Contains Blood / Violence)
One such film that inspired the name of the MIJ logo is 1973’s “Lady Snowblood”.  A Japanese action thriller starting (Meiko Kaji) recounting the tale of Yuki, a woman raised as an assassin since birth with the aim of enacting vengeance upon the tormentors that murdered her family. The main theme song (also performed by Meiko Kaji) is titled "Shura no Hana" or "Flower of Carnage" in English. This film also inspired films such as Quentin Tarantino “Kill Bill”, where you’ll also hear this song featured.
Watch the Kill Bill Trailer
We often take inspiration from the movies and music which we love. Maybe now that you know, you’ll be able to make some connections. Have you spotted any other movie or music references?
Listen to Flower Of Carnage by Meiko Kaji

Like the Flower of Carnage logo? I bet you'll love Naked & Famous Denim's Skateboard.



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The MIJ logo is MUCH better than the Tragic Blond…any thoughts on updating it?

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