Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge - What Is Broken Twill Denim Anyways?

Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge - What Is Broken Twill Denim Anyways?

The Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge is a twist on Naked & Famous Denim's classic Left Hand Twill Selvedge. The original Left Hand Twill Selvedge is one of our best-selling jeans of all time. A perennial favorite that has been in production for nearly 10 years.

This new Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge takes the same yarns used in the Left Hand Twill selvedge, but weaves them in a broken twill construction.  This creates an unevenness in the warp threads and a slight variation in color. The effect is subtle but adds interest to your denim collection without being too loud or flashy.

For denim enthusiasts, this is a great opportunity to experiment with how a broken twill fabric fades compared to an equivalent left-hand twill denim.  The Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge is a 13.75oz Japanese selvedge denim and features all of the same design details found on Left Hand Twill Selvedge: yellow contrast stitching, brown leather patch, silver metallic hardware, and a white selvedge ID.


What Is Broken Twill and What Makes It Different?

If you look closely at a pair of jeans, you’ll notice that the denim looks like it's been woven with diagonal lines.  The direction of the twill lines depends on how the denim was woven; left-hand twills go from top left to bottom right, while right-hand twills go from top right to bottom left.  Because these fabrics were woven with a directional bias, over time the fabric would twist towards that bias – in jeans we call that leg twist.

Broken twill weaving was invented to prevent this by eliminating any directional twill in the fabric. Broken twill fabrics are essentially made by combining right and left hand twill construction by alternating the weave direction back and forth. . That way, the denim doesn’t have an inherent twill direction, thus no direction for the fabric to twist.

Today, leg twist is less common due to improvements in finishing processes that are used on denim. These processes make the fabric less likely to twist, though they do not completely eliminate the problem. Although leg twist is less of an issue than it used to be, broken twill denim still has its benefits — it doesn’t twist, it has a smoother surface texture because it lacks the traditional diagonal twill lines, and it represents the old school production methods that have given way to modern technology.

Available Friday September 23rd at 11AM EST.


Offshoot Broken Twill Selvedge - Folded Flat