Introducing The Double Dirty Fade Selvedge: A "Remix" Of A Classic Fabric

Introducing The Double Dirty Fade Selvedge: A "Remix" Of A Classic Fabric

Introducing the Double Dirty Fade Selvedge, a "remix" of our classic Naked & Famous Denim core denim.  This 14.5oz Japanese selvedge denim, is made with the same construction and yarns as the Dirty Fade Selvedge, but with the addition of a brown weft for double the dirty look.   

Made using a combination of indigo rope-dyed brown cotton on the exterior warp and brown cotton on the interior weft, this denim has a warm and earthy tone.   As the indigo fades away on the warp side, the brownish tones of the cotton will appear, giving the denim its distinctive "dirty" look.   The weft will also show through the twill lines on the front face of the fabric, enhancing the “dirty” aesthetic.   

Woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan, this denim has a classic raw and rigid texture.   It's cut, sewn, and built in Canada, and finished with contrast stitching, a brown line selvedge ID, a dark brown leather patch, and antique copper buttons and rivets.   

Whether you're a fan of the original Dirty Fade or just love unique and interesting selvedge denim, the Double Dirty Fade Selvedge is a great choice.  And don't worry about stains - this denim is tough enough to handle a little dirt and grime, and most stains will wash out or blend in easily.  So go ahead and wear these jeans hard, and let the dirt and grime form a beautiful patina over time.  Either way, you'll love the Double Dirty Fade Selvedge.


Available Friday March 17th at 11AM EST.


Double Dirty Fade Selvedge - Folded Flat