Ink, Indigo, And Innovation: The Craftsmanship Behind Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge

Ink, Indigo, And Innovation: The Craftsmanship Behind Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge

We've always believed in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in denim, and the Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge is a prime example of this ethos. This denim is an innovative fusion of traditional Japanese Sumi ink and premium 13oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, promising a uniquely captivating fade journey. The richness of Japanese tradition meets the time-tested allure of raw denim in this striking masterpiece.

At first glance, the Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge showcases a striking all-black aesthetic. This is no ordinary black denim, though. The darkness you see comes from a generous coating of traditional Japanese Sumi ink. Renowned for its deep black hue and versatility, Sumi ink has long been used in Japanese calligraphy and brush painting, known as Sumi-e. By applying this age-old medium to denim, we've created a tactile, visual, and experiential feast for denim lovers.

What sets this denim apart is its unique fade journey. As you wear these jeans, the Sumi ink slowly fades away, revealing the underlying classic indigo rope dyed denim. But that's not the end of the transformation. The indigo itself will fade over time, giving rise to a mesmerizing interplay of indigo and black hues. This creates an evolving palette on your jeans that tells a rich, personal story of wear and fade.

Despite its artistic exterior, the Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge remains a true denim at heart. The 13oz weight provides a perfect balance of durability and comfort. While slightly rigid at first, the jeans break in quickly, conforming to your body and movement. Adding to its appeal are the rugged yet refined details: a button fly, tonal stitching, a black leather patch, and mil-spec non-reflective black hardware. These subtleties further elevate the sophisticated style of these jeans.

Every pair of Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge is meticulously cut, sewn, and built in our very own factory, the last standing jeans factory in Canada. Our direct involvement in the entire process ensures unrivaled quality control and attention to detail. When you invest in a pair of these jeans, you're not just getting a unique piece of denim—you're also supporting a proud legacy of craftsmanship.

The Sumi Ink Coated Selvedge is indeed a rare find. It's an innovative canvas that combines art, tradition, and denim in a way that will delight both seasoned denim enthusiasts and those just beginning their raw denim journey. This isn't just a pair of jeans—it's a unique, evolving piece of wearable art that will surely bring a fun new dimension to your raw denim experience.

Available Friday September 15th, 2023