Garrett's June Favorites: Top Staff Picks at Tate + Yoko

Garrett's June Favorites: Top Staff Picks at Tate + Yoko

For June, Garrett, the manager of Tate + Yoko and a well-known face on the Naked & Famous Denim YouTube channel, is sharing his favorite items from the shop. Garrett's style is functional yet classic, with a heavy influence from American and Japanese workwear. You can often spot him wearing black engineer boots and carrying his cherished 35mm Leica M camera.
Garrett in a black leather Schott 618 Horse Hide jacket
His go-to jeans lately are the True Guy Dirty Fade Selvedge. He’s been wearing them daily since mid-February. Over the past three months, these jeans have been fading quickly because Garrett spends his evenings climbing at the local bouldering gym. They’ve been put to the test and are holding up as expected for this classic 14.5oz selvedge denim.

Garretts faded True Guy Dity Fade Selvedge

Since Montreal’s weather isn't too hot yet, Garrett likes to layer a simple Circular White Tee under his Schott 618 Horse Hide jacket. When he pairs this with black boots and a belt, he achieves a vintage-inspired biker look.Garrett wearing the MIJ12 Heritage Jacket

When around the office or on warmer days Garrett sports his new MIJ12 Aomidori Selvedge Heritage Jacket. He loves the boxy fit of the chest and shorter back length. For accessories not a day goes by that Garrett doesn’t have his Natural Veg Tan Card Case in his back pocket and his Milk Glass Mug filled with Coffee on his desk.Garrett Holding The Naked & Famous Denim Veg Tan Leather Card Case

Garrett Holding The Naked & Famous Denim Milk Glass Mug