Experience The History Of Naked & Famous Denim With The Archival 18oz Big Slub Selvedge

Experience The History Of Naked & Famous Denim With The Archival 18oz Big Slub Selvedge

We're excited to announce the re-release of a special denim from our archives - the 18oz Big Slub Selvedge.  This heavyweight Japanese selvedge denim was originally used in our very first Naked & Famous Denim collection back in 2008, and we're thrilled to bring it back for a new generation to enjoy.

What makes this denim so unique is its uneven surface texture.  The exterior warp side has a very pronounced, bumpy 3D texture, while the opposite interior weft side is much smoother.  This effect is achieved by combining extra thick, irregularly shaped "slub" yarns with loose, slow weaving techniques, resulting in a fabric with an uneven, organic texture reminiscent of hand-woven material.

The yarn is rope dyed with indigo, and the irregular thickness of each strand means that different parts absorb more dye than others, creating interesting variations in coloration.  With wear, the denim will fade and develop high contrast indigo tones, creating a "flamey" fading pattern that emphasizes the vertical warp yarns.

Woven on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan - the birthplace of this traditional craft - this is a rigid denim that will require some time to break in.

In addition, the 18oz Big Slub Selvedge features a classic redline selvedge ID and contrast stitching throughout.  The natural vegetable tanned leather patch is super thick at 10oz, and the custom made silver metallic buttons and rivets are inscribed with "Naked & Famous" and "Je T'adore Toute Nue". These jeans are designed, cut, and sewn in our own factory Canada.

As we celebrate 15 years of Naked & Famous Denim, we're excited to look back into our archive and re-release archival pieces like this one. 


Available Friday March 24th at 11AM EST.