Crossways Denim

Crossways Denim

Crossways Denim - Folded Flat

The Crossways Denim is lightweight Japanese alternating twill made from left hand twill, right hand twill, and herringbone twill woven into diagonal stripes. 

Crossways Denim - Closeup

The fabric looks almost blocked, as if each stripe were from its own fabric and stitched together, but each different weave is part of the same coherent cloth. This fabric could only be woven on a specialty dobby weaving machine that handles each yarn with remarkable dexterity. 

Crossways Denim - Coin Pocket 
The 10.5oz denim is perfect for warmer weather and sunny days. The individual warp yarns that make the face of the fabric are rope-dyed in indigo, so while this doesn’t look like any other denim, it will wear and fade like Japanese indigo denim.  

Crossways Denim - Leather Patch

Available Friday January 24th at 11:30 AM