Crimson Sky Stretch Selvedge

Crimson Sky Stretch Selvedge

At first glance, the Crimson Sky Selvedge appears to be a clean, deep, dark, indigo with no weft peeking through the surface. But the red leather patch points to what’s going on beneath. The fabric is a 12.5 oz Japanese selvedge denim with a rope-dyed indigo warp and a rich crimson red weft, but the face of the fabric has been coated in indigo filling in all the cracks in the twill lines where the crimson would otherwise shine through. This coating gives the denim an extra level of fade potential. Not only will the warp fade into electric blues and whites, but the coating will also fade from between the twill lines, revealing warm crimson undertones that will give the fabric added depth. Black mil-spec non-reflective hardware and tonal stitching enhance the clean, dark blue look. Flip the cuff to show off the crimson interior.

Men's Styles Available Friday September 10th, 2021 at 11AM EST.
Women's Styles Available Friday September 17th, 2021 at 11AM EST.




Crimson Sky - Folded Flat

Crimson Sky - Leather Patch

Crimson Sky - Coin Pocket

Crimson Sky - Fabric Detail

Crimson Sky - Selvedge ID