Comfort With The Durability Of Heavyweight Denim With The Elephant 11 S - Grandrelle Stretch Edition

Comfort With The Durability Of Heavyweight Denim With The Elephant 11 S - Grandrelle Stretch Edition

Introducing the Elephant 11 S - Grandrelle, the stretch edition of the Elephant 11. This 20oz super heavyweight Japanese selvedge denim is a distinctive and exceptional blend in the realm of raw denim.

Creating a denim fabric that is both heavy and stretchy can be challenging, as the fabric's weight and structure often clash with the desired flexibility and stretchiness. However, when executed properly, stretch heavyweight denim can provide the perfect combination of a robust, long-lasting material with the added benefits of comfort and mobility.

For this edition of the Elephant series, the fabric construction of the Elephant 5 was used, combining a highly textured slubby warp exterior with a twisted black and white grandrelle yarn for the weft. The outcome is a denim that boasts both the appearance of traditional indigo by white denim, as well as indigo by black denim. Upon close inspection, you'll notice white glimpses through the twill lines, reminiscent of classic denim, alongside sections that look solid like indigo and black denim. Flipping up the cuff reveals the wavy texture on the inside.

What truly distinguishes this denim, however, is its unique fading process. The textured exterior warp yarns fade differently compared to smooth yarns, resulting in a diverse and intricate fading pattern. This creates a truly personalized pair of jeans that only improve with wear.

Incorporating 2% stretch for enhanced comfort and mobility, the Elephant 11 S may initially feel stiff, but the stretch will gradually activate as the jeans are worn and washed, increasing comfort over time.

The Elephant 11 S is crafted in Canada and features contrast stitching, redline selvedge ID, a 10oz vegetable-tanned leather patch, and silver metallic buttons and rivets. Whether you're seeking a distinctive and attention-grabbing pair of jeans or simply desire the comfort of stretch denim in a heavyweight fabric, the Elephant 11 S is the ultimate choice.

Available Friday April 21st at 11AM EST.