Cell Perfect Selvedge Denim

Cell Perfect Selvedge Denim

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Folded Flat


We made like Doctor Gero’s supercomputer with the Cell Perfect Selvedge. We unbound ourselves from stiff tradition and absorbed a couple Androids to create a villainous Vegeta-humbling denim.  

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Waist Button
Capturing in cloth the perfect warrior with speed, strength, cunning only concerned with his own perfection and testing his own power, we developed a stretch selvedge exoskeleton that will move with you as you toss enemies through rock formations or when you’re running late for that thing you forgot was tonight. 

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Coin Pocket  
The denim mimics his spotted exterior with slub yarns used in both the indigo rope-dyed warp and the bright green reactive-dyed weft. The creator of Dragon Ball Z has mentioned that he regrets how long it took to color all of Cell’s spots in the manga series, but we chose to honor the effort with slub yarns made from spinning cotton at a slow speed. The bright green weft electrifies the indigo warp, and the denim is finished with a green and purple selvedge ID. 

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Leather Patch
On the jeans you’ll find a vegetable tanned leather patch with Perfect Cell in a menacing pose. Sewn on the inside, you’ll find the Naked & Famous Denim x Dragon Ball Z dual branded logo.

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Pocket Bag

The waist button is custom made and designed to look like a Dragon Ball. The jeans have a black pocket bags with a portrait of Perfect Cell’s.  Embroidered on the back pocket you’ll find the Red Ribbon Army insignia. 

Cell Perfect Selvedge - Embroidery