New Arrivals from Burgus Plus | The house brand of Tokyo`s legendary denim store, HINOYA...

New Arrivals from Burgus Plus | The house brand of Tokyo`s legendary denim store, HINOYA...

A new shipment from Burgus Plus just landed in the shop on Friday. Receiving new stock is always exciting. I'll open up the box and unfold every item as if they're all presents for myself. After I soak in the collection and have chosen my favorites I'll hurry around the office and show them to the team. "Bahzad, how amazing are these pants?" "Bastien, try this on." "Risa, do you think this will fit me??". Choosing a favorite brand we offer on Tate + Yoko feels unfair to all of the amazing products we carry so let's just say I get really excited to open Burgus boxes. 

I first discovered Burgus Plus when I started working for Tate + Yoko. It was the 955XX01 Straight Leg, Tempi Treated Selvedge Denim that caught my attention. The feel of Tempi denim is hard to explain.. It's soft for an unsanforized denim.. Try to imagine it's dry and nubby but supple and pliable. Then I got my hands on their lookbook and fell for their "ultimate basic", "quality goods and painstaking attention to detail" concept.

Burgus Plus Spring Summer 2018

Founded in 1997, Burgus Plus is the house brand of Tokyo`s legendary denim store, HINOYA. Burgus's concept is "ultimate basics". "Our sights are set on items considered fine products in various eras, that can be worn in any era. In the present pursual of these "ultimate basics", the aim is to graft such masterpieces together in harmonious effect." Focusing on high quality Tempi Treated Selvedge denims, 100% Pure Indigo Dyes and beautiful details, the brand aims to reclaim the classic of Japanese denim culture.


Bastien's wearing the 425-51 Back Satin Fatigue Pants in Indigo; a military fatigue pant made of super strong 100% cotton cloth suitable for military training. Last shipment from Burgus we received these 550-00 French Work Pants and we sold out of all but one size/unit in a week. If those were your jam, you'll love these. 425-51 is also available in Olive.

 The One Pocket Wabash Shirt is cut in 100% Cotton Selvedge fabric. Unlike your typical Short Sleeve Shirt, notable details include a u-shape chest pocket, resin buttons and side gussets. A dotted pattern is applied all over the shirt with an indigo discharge dyeing technique called Wabash. *If you love wabash indigo discharge dye, you should check out The Flat Head's Wabash Indigo Dyed Work Shirt.

Burgus Plus Spring / Summer 2018

HBP-017 - Henley Neck T-Shirt - Olive

BP17605 - One Button Henley Neck T-Shirt - Indigo

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