Inside the small Japanese workshop where local artisans perfect the craft of botanical dyes

Naked & Famous Denim takes us with with them to the workshop where they created botanical dyes for their SS17 collection.


Preserved flowers, fruits and veggies, woods and bug shells are organized on shelves throughout the workshop. Naked & Famous Denim founder, Brandon Svarc, chose sencha green tea, blueberry, strawberry and bamboo charcoal as botanical dyes for their SS17 oxford cotton shirts and selvedge denim. 



"Here is a great pic that shows the dye house. You can see how the process is done in small batches by local Japanese artisans. This is the opposite of a mass corporate factory. The above dye is a natural lavender dye they were working on while we were there." - Naked & Famous Denim founder, Brandon Svarc

To build the dye, the dried botanic is boiled in water for about an hour. "We tasted the green tea. It was quite bitter but it sure does make a beautiful dye." - Brandon Svarc


Then, alkaline or acidic solution is added.

This added solution eliminates any odour and makes the dye colourfast to washing and sunlight.


Blueberry, strawberry and green tea dyed Men's Regular Shirts and Women's Tunic Shirts are available in store and online at

Indigo dyed warp and real sencha green tea dyed weft selvedge denim are available in the Super Skinny Guy and Weird Guy fits.


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