Blue Core Selvedge

Blue Core Selvedge

Blue Core Selvedge - Folded Flat

Most rope-dyed indigo denim fades to a medium blue with some wear, and, with time, all the indigo chips off to reveal the white core of the yarn. Not these!

Blue Core Selvedge - Faded

Usually, white yarns are dipped tens of times into indigo vats two stories tall. Don’t let the quintessential indigo warp and white weft fool you! These yarns were reactive-dyed blue before being dipped in indigo. So, with time, the indigo will fade to bright blue. 

Blue Core Selvedge - Coin Pocket

The standard weight 12.5oz selvedge denim is great for year round wear, substantial enough for cooler weather and light enough for summer months.

Blue Core Selvedge - Selvedge ID

The fabric itself starts crisp and rigid with slightly bumpy uneven twill lines from the vintage shuttle looms. The denim is finished with a red and bright blue selvedge ID – an indicator of what’s to come. 

Blue Core Selvedge - Leather Patch