Beyond Traditional Raw Denim: The Oceans Edge Selvedge

Beyond Traditional Raw Denim: The Oceans Edge Selvedge

At Naked & Famous Denim, we have a unique approach to raw denim. Our philosophy is that raw denim is not confined to the traditional dark, stiff, and rigid form. We innovate within the realm to bring you exciting new ways to express your raw denim enjoyment. Enter our Oceans Edge Selvedge: a 13oz Japanese Selvedge Denim that defies conventional raw jeans, while still capturing everything you cherish about raw denim.

The Oceans Edge Selvedge features a unique vintage blue tone with a hint of green, an unconventional choice that adds a vibrant touch to your denim collection and wardrobe. Unlike typical raw jeans, this fabric is notably soft and supple, thanks to a special fabric rinse process. This process washes out the starches and plumps up the cotton yarns, adding extra heft and texture to the denim. It ensures a comfortable fit from the very first wear, essentially pre-soaking the denim on your behalf.

Normally, rinse-washed jeans involve washing the completed garment, which can lead to slight shrinkage and the familiar puckering and fading around the seams, giving new jeans a used appearance. For the Oceans Edge Selvedge, we've taken a novel approach by rinse washing the fabric before it's cut and sewn. This technique means the fabric undergoes shrinkage first, resulting in neater seams and less puckering in the final product—a subtle yet significant detail that sets our approach apart.

This fabric was produced in two separate lots. To distinguish between the first and second production runs, we utilized color-coded selvedge IDs. Consequently, some models feature a yellow selvedge ID, while others boast the classic red line. Given the unique denim color, it was essential to avoid mixing fabrics from different productions to prevent noticeable color variations when different jean panels come from separate dye lots. Interestingly, we leveraged the selvedge ID color for its original purpose: to differentiate one fabric batch from another. The final production versions of the Super Guy, Weird Guy, and True Guy fits have a Yellow Line Selvedge ID, while the Easy Guy, Classic, and Denim Jacket feature Red Line Selvedge IDs.

Throughout the jeans, you'll find classic Naked & Famous Denim details, such as our custom-made silver metallic hardware and a lustrous pull-up brown leather patch. Each pair is crafted in our very own factory, underscoring our commitment to keeping the tradition of jeans production alive and thriving in Canada.

The Oceans Edge Selvedge offers a non- conventional way to enjoy Raw Selvedge Denim. Neither rigid nor dark-toned indigo, yet it seamlessly integrates into your existing raw denim wardrobe.

Available Friday April 12th at 11AM