Blue Smoke Stretch Selvedge

Blue Smoke Stretch Selvedge

Denim is not always what it seems.

The Blue Smoke Stretch Selvedge appears to be a straightforward selvedge denim.  At first glance it’s got a classic look with a black exterior wrap paired with a white interior weft.  For details it has black tonal stitching, black mil spec hardware, a black roughout suede patch and a black line selvedge ID.

Except… The denim isn’t really black.  It’s actually a very, very dark shade of indigo with just a touch of black added to the dye.  So, these start as a clean denim with tonal details, but with time, as the indigo fades and become brighter and more prevalent with wash and wear.  Those tonal details will start to appear more and more in contrast with the denim. 

The Blue Smoke Stretch selvedge comes in at 11oz, a standard weight that’s a great choice for all year-round wear.  Plus, we’ve added 2% stretch for added comfort and mobility.  It gives the denim the flexibility you need when you need it, while retaining the touch and feel of a classic raw denim.

Available Friday September 9, 2022 at 11AM EST.
Fits: Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Stacked Guy