The Lord Of Nep - The Neppiest Denim Ever Created

The Lord Of Nep - The Neppiest Denim Ever Created

 Lord of Nep Selvedge - Folded Flat

A snowstorm of selvedge Japanese denim. It all starts with our Lord of Nep yarn we custom-developed to create the neppiest denim ever made. Neps – small knots and fibers in yarn – used to be seen and are sometimes still seen as defects from smooth, uniform fabric. They occur either as imperfections in the yarn itself or are a product of the chatter of old looms not fitting the weft yarn neatly into the warp. Neps are usually singed off in the final stages of denim manufacturing. We wanted to save the neps! So soft with little loops - nearly a twill terry weighing in at a very wearable 14.5oz. 

Lord of Nep Selvedge - Selvedge ID

The indigo face of the fabric does its best to keep at bay the blizzarding neps, but flip the cuff and peak into the heart of the storm. Big cotton flakes obscure even the twill lines.  

 Lord of Nep Selvedge - Coin Pocket
To match the maximal texture of the denim, we went with ostrich leather patches, many of which have the natural round bumps left from the quills. The silver buttons and rivets add brightness and somehow make the white weft pop even more. Contrast stitching. Classic red line selvedge ID. The Lord of Nep Selvedge jeans and jacket are too neppy to go through traditional fabric finishing processes and have been rinsed once instead to preshrink the fabric. 

Lord of Nep Selvedge - Leather Patch

Custom-developed yarn. Woven in Japan. Cut, sewn, built in Canada. 


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