Red Gradient Core Selvedge

Red Gradient Core Selvedge

The Color Core series is back with a new edition: the Red Gradient Core Selvedge. 

Typically, raw denim fades from dark indigo to lighter shades of blue and then eventually white.  This happens because of a special dye process called rope dying.  During this dye process white cotton yarns are repeatedly dipped in indigo, but the yarns are never left in the dye long enough for the indigo to penetrate the center core of the yarn.  The result is layers of indigo build up on top of each other, while the center core of the yarn remains white.  So, as you wear your jeans the layers of indigo slowly fade away to eventually reveal the white core.   

With the Color Core series, we take the white cotton yarn and dye it a single bright color using a special reactive dye (which are permanent and don’t wash out) before dipping into the indigo bath.  The result is a classic toned indigo denim that will now fade to a bright color.

For the Red Gradient Core, we took a new approach. Instead dying the white cotton yarns with a single shade of red, the yarns were permanently dyed with varying shades of red.  So not only will this denim fade to red, but it will also fade to a wide range of reds tones running vertically through the fabric.

The denim itself is a 12.5oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, milled on vintage shuttle looms in Okayama, Japan.  It has a crispy and rigid texture and is made from 100% cotton.  On the jeans you’ll also find a red pull-up leather patch that will patina beautifully and subtly foreshadows the different shades of red to come. 

Available Friday August 19, 2022 at 11AM EST.
Fits: Super Guy, Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Denim Jacket
Easy Guy will be released at a later time, the release date is still to be determined.