From Tea To Textile: The Creation Of Matcha Selvedge Denim

From Tea To Textile: The Creation Of Matcha Selvedge Denim

At Naked & Famous Denim, the rich traditions of Japan have long been our muse, igniting a passion that goes beyond creating denim to crafting narratives you can wear. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a creation that embodies this fusion: the Matcha Selvedge.

Crafted from 15oz Japanese Selvedge Denim, the Matcha Selvedge pays tribute to the revered Japanese tea-making art. Its unique color mirrors the serene green of matcha, achieved through the natural dyes on the interior weft. This process ensures that with every glance, the indigo warp blends seamlessly with the green weft, creating an inviting earthy green undertone.

But it's not just about color. The denim's rigid and slubby texture is a canvas for evolution, where textured slub yarns unfurl a story of indigo shades over time against the matcha green-dyed weft for a distinctive greencast appearance.

Each pair stands out with a luxurious green leather patch, antique copper hardware, and a gradient green selvedge ID. Each pair is proudly made in our Quebec, Canada factory, the Matcha Selvedge represents a commitment to preserving the art of denim craftsmanship.

The Matcha Selvedge is where Japanese tradition meets the innovative spirit of denim craftsmanship. This is not just denim to be worn, but a testament to the heritage and artistry imbued in every pair.

Available Friday March 29th at 11AM ET.