New Arrival: Naked & Famous Denim FW15

New Arrival: Naked & Famous Denim FW15

The first part of the Naked & Famous Denim FW15 collection has dropped at Tate + Yoko. Transition yourself from the blazing summer heat to the cooling and chilly temperatures of Fall and Winter with an always fresh collection from Naked & Famous Denim. Shop Naked & Famous FW15


There are a variety of incredible seasonal fabrics being released this season from the rich-colored Smoke Power Stretch to the vibrantly deep Indigo Selvedge Chino to the perennial favorite, the Elephant series, and to a new favorite, the Okayama Spirit 2. Naked & Famous Denim is also releasing a limited run of 300 pairs styles in the Old-World Selvedge with Khaki Fill and the Coffee-Dyed Selvedge (available later this season). Don't hesitate because these styles are guaranteed to sell out quickly. You can't deny your intrigue when you set your eyes on the Black + Blue Colorblock Denim. The jeans feature the indigo power stretch on the front panel and black power stretch fabric on the back panel. We will focus on all these styles in the coming weeks. See Naked & Famous Denim FW15 Denim.

Staple Knits and Basics: Slim Crew and Slim Jogger

Naked & Famous Denim is introducing a new line of high quality Canadian staple knits and basics. They continue their growth in dressing people from head to toe with their over 70 years of experience in textiles by expanding their knitwear collection. The new line starts off with the Slim Crews and newly released Slim Joggers in a French Terry fabric. The French Terry fabric is made in Canada and feels great at a versatile 12 oz weight in warm, mild, or cold weather. Layer or wear the Slim Crews by itself and pair it with a great pair of denim, chinos, or joggers, to look blend in while standing out in any setting. See Naked & Famous Denim FW15 Staple Knits and Basics.



The variety of shirting this season is as strong as ever with a variety of fabrics, weaves, and patterns to keep you looking your best this Fall and Winter. Experience the softness of the brushed twill, herringbone soft plaids, and herringbone soft flannels; the vibrancy of our patterns from the animal hand sketches, cheetah prints, and abstract oil paintings; and the subtle everyday fabrics from our well-loved kimono prints, cashmere blend twills, and dobby cloths. If you've never experienced a Naked & Famous Denim shirt before, this is the season to start. Once you try our shirts, you'll never go back. See Naked & Famous Denim FW15 Shirts.

Long Shirts

We're launching a new shirting style: the Long Shirt. This new cut drapes very well with its longer torso and our softer fabrics. The Mandarin collar (affectionately known as the "Mao collar") is a new feature that pays homage to the traditional South-East Asian shirts and baseball-style shirts in a very minimalist way. The Long Shirts are guaranteed to turn heads - and for all the right reasons. Expand and experiment with your wardrobe with the new Long Shirts by Naked & Famous Denim. The Long Shirt is a slim long straight fit with an extended back. See Naked & Famous Denim FW15 Long Shirts.


Last, but not least, Naked & Famous Denim released a new set of fabrics for their zip jacket line-up with a soft plush wool blend and their highly sought-after reflective denim. The soft plush wool is perfect for the transition seasons as we enter colder months, but you can easily layer this fabric throughout the entire season. The Reflective Denim Zip Jacket is an incredible follow-up to the highly sought-after Reflective Denim jeans. Look good throughout the day and stay safe at night. You will never be missed again at night. Recommended for cyclists, the fashionable, and other nighttime wanderers. See Naked & Famous Denim FW15 Jackets. Shop Naked & Famous FW15